About Us

Our Goals

  • Provide real solutions for athletes so they can Stay Clean & Win Clean
  • Develop a grassroots community of world-class experts to maintain and build clean athletes
  • Create a New paradigm for the future of clean sport, involve the athletes don’t isolate them.
  • Listen to athletes’ concerns and help them find solutions, build trust
  • Draw a bright line between REAL ATHLETES and those who chose an easier path.
  • Develop resources and generate new technology and approaches to keep sport clean
  • Focus on the next generation of athletes and give them ways to celebrate being clean
  • Bringing athletes, companies, and individuals together in Support of Clean Sport
  • Draw a bright line between clean and dirty athletes.
  • Level the playing field through grassroots efforts.
  • Demonstrate that personal achievement and dedication can beat drugs
  • Allow Victory to be Celebrated, Not Suspected!