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Stay Clean & Win Clean


The SCS Community brings together years of experience and winning techniques to help Real Athletes Stay Clean! & Win Clean! The Support Clean Sport Team consists of competitive athletes, coaches, trainers, doctors, nutrition and health professionals as well as others who provide the world’s best know how to win using proven techniques that have worked for them. If you would like to add an article, blog, or response to help other clean athletes Stay Clean! & Win Clean!, feel free to email us at info@supportcleansport.com.


Get real questions and/or concerns answered about rumors in the locker rooms, on the playing field or on the internet. We realize that many clean athletes use dietary supplements and we offer the latest strategies and information for avoiding illegitimate products and the harm they can cause. Find information on supplements that have been certified to be free of banned substances. Read stories shared by others as they navigate working to Stay Clean!

We also provide the latest information to support clean athletes with questions about drug testing and substances to avoid. Get updates on new banned substances, important changes to regulations that can affect you, and more. Ask questions of the experts. Be Informed – Stay Clean.

Muscle Building, Endurance, Health, Diet, Weight Management, Recovery, Injury Management, Safe Use of Dietary Supplements Prohibited Substances, Rules & Regulations and more…  Clean Athletes are the Real Athletes and they need the tools to Win Clean.
SUPPORT CLEAN SPORT provides you with the techniques to – Win Clean.


The SCS Team Working to Put the REAL Athletes on the Podium!

Doping in sport: What is it and how is it being tackled?

Doping in sport: What is it and how is it being tackled? was featured on BBC.com in August of 2015. Although the article may have been published two years ago, the information is still important for athletes needing a quick 101 course for doping in sport. This article breaks down the complexities with doping in sport as well as what...[ read more ]

June 26, 2017

Painkillers and Cycling: Tramadol’s Dark Danger – An Athlete’s Story

This article, Painkillers and Cycling: Tramadol's Dark Danger, was written by Caley Fretz about how cyclist Ian Mullins worked through his painkiller addiction after he became injured. It is a brave story about how hard it can be for athletes to work for their goals while fighting through the pain. This is a story about how an injury progressed into...[ read more ]

April 8, 2017

Are You Racing Clean? – Keeping Yourself Safe as an Athlete

Are You Racing Clean? was featured on Triathlete.com about racing clean and how to protect yourself as an athlete from banned substance contamination by AJ Johnson. Athletes can never be too sure about what is in their dietary supplements. That is why we work with our partner, BSCG the Gold Standard in third-party banned substance testing and certification, to make...[ read more ]

April 7, 2017

Steroids on Amazon.com

Even though they are illegal without a prescription and banned in sport, steroids can still be purchased on Amazon.com. With schools across the nation developing programs to keep these banned products out of the hands of students, they are able to obtain such compounds with a click of the mouse on Amazon. Many people have been discussing high school steroid...[ read more ]