The 706 Project Cycling Team

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The 706 Project Cycling Team

As a top-tier cycling program, the 706 Project identifies up and coming athletes and develops them into elite-level cyclists. By mentoring, equipping and training the top talent in the region, the 706 Project has advanced their program to become the premier cycling team in the Southeast. Please visit the team’s website as well as the team’s Facebook page.

The team comprises of a men’s elite road team, a women’s elite off-road team focusing on cyclocross, enduro, and cross country mountain biking, and men’s off-road team focusing on enduro and cyclocross racing. The team also has club membership in order to grow the sport at a grassroots level.

The 706 Project Cycling Team The 706 Project Cycling Team

2017 season has already been busy, with Frank Travieso competing in USA Crits SpeedWeek with several podiums and one win in the series. The girls are competing strong at the National Enduro Series and gearing up for the cyclocross season in the Fall. Follow both squads on Instagram to stay up-to-date with their recent wins and other events taking place: @706pchicks @706project

In addition to racing, both the men and women’s teams have also been busy on social media as ambassadors of the sport and our supporters. The team has hosted several women’s only group mountain bike rides, hosted several free clinics on strength and mobility, mentored and supported up and coming athletes in the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League, assisted wounded veterans in the Ride2Recovery program, collaborated with junior development cycling teams in order to provide a venue for advancement for their talented athletes, along with several other community events and health fairs.

706P Team Rosters

Woman’s Off-Road Team:

  • Maria Carrelli

    Maria Carrelli:

    Maria is a physical therapist who loves to race her bikes. Maria started in the mountain bike discipline, dabbles in road, and just recently discovered cyclocross. As a physical therapist, Maria specializes in working with endurance athletes and is our point person, for both the women’s and men’s teams, for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

  • Emily Cox

    Emily Cox:

    Emily has transitioned from collegiate soccer to collegiate cycling. Her specialties include mountain biking and cyclocross racing. Emily’s fun spirit is contagious and she is always up for a fun adventure on the bike.

  • Leigh Hopkins

    Leigh Hopkins:

    Leigh has been in the sport of cycling since 2001, racing professionally for teams like Vanderkitten and the Louis Garneau Factory team. In addition to working full-time as a city planner at Georgia Tech, she is a mom of two young boys and runs a morning boot camp program called AMfit. Leigh focuses on cyclocross, and mentoring “up-and-coming” talent to fill the pipeline of the women’s peloton.

  • Terri Watts

    Terri Watts:

    Terri is an occupational therapist and a ripper on a bike. She can huck a bike and look doing it, which might be because of her talents in dance and trapeze as well. Terri is a natural athlete and likes to go big. She has had a lot of success in gravity mountain biking.

  • Amy Black

    Amy Black:

    Amy has a B.S. in Psychology and Communication from the University of Idaho, is on the board of directors for the Georgia Interscholastic Cycling League, and works in the cycling industry. Some may know her as “Lunch Box” as she is notorious for bringing gourmet meals on every ride. Catch Amy racing enduro, gravel grinders, and cyclocross.

  • Lauren Higgins

    Lauren Higgins:

    Lauren has newly discovered mountain biking and loves it. Although her start in competitive andurance sports has been triathlon, she is focusing more attention to mountain biking, off-road duathlon and triathlon, and cyclocross. Lauren is our go-to person, for both the women’s and men’s teams, for stength and conditioning needs, performance testing, and can make sense of data for coaching needs.

Elite Men’s Road Team:

Elite Men’s Road Team
  • Frank Travieso
  • Any Scarano
  • Emile Abraham
  • Eric Murphy
  • Millem Kaiser
  • Dylan Cantrell
  • Chad Connely
  • Gabriel Mendez
  • Austin Ulich

Men’s Off-Road Team:

Men’s Off-Road Team
  • Eric Murphy
  • Frank Travieso
  • Gabe Mendez